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Make the Connection: Start Disciplining with Love
To discipline is to teach. When we discipline we teach our children to have self-control, to be considerate of others, and to feel secure. A home with no discipline is a recipe for chaos. Parents b...

The Value of Play
Isnít it ironic that a country whose constitution allows for the pursuit of happiness now feels a collective guilt about the very idea of anything fun?

What Might Surprise You about Childhood Obesity
The formula is pretty straightforward: energy in/energy out. This is the term nutritionists use to describe the intended balance between calories consumed and calories burned. If the level of physi...

Overscheduled Children
What are superkids? Some call them overscheduled; others refer to them as pushed or hurried.

The Advantages of Being an Older Parent
When I first published my light hearted and inspirational account of pregnancy and birth at the age of 40, I received tremendous feedback from older women (and men) from all over the world. Indeed,...

Nurturing The Genius in Your Child
All children are born with the capacity to become geniuses. Children have twice as many brain connections as adults and because their natural creativity has not yet been stifled by the constraints ...

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